Wednesday, August 8, 2007

anonymous local blogging

Today i ran actoss another blog started in my community ( It had a first posting questioning the thoroughness and bias of the local print media - they've been going up and down for years and have never been known for their depth of coverage. Great, they'd like to provide detailed, in-depth coverage of stories ignored by local print media. Nothing wrong with that idea.

So then I want to the Profile section, since they're local I figured I might know the authors - when I found the blog creators had decided to remain anonymous. I can see why commentors on a story might want to remain anonymous, but I find the credibility of someone who wants to replace local media a little suspect when I don't know who they are.

I guess we'll see. There are certainly reasons why an author of some pithy piece of local news would want to remain anonymous.
We all have stories we'll only tell over a beer. Is an anonymous blog the place for them? I guess I'll have to create a pseudonym if I want to share any of them now!

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